Quantcast Long-term Effects of Tobacco Use

a. Long-term Effects of Tobacco Use.
(1)  The leading cause of death in the US is heart and blood vessel disease.
The leading preventable cause underlying heart and blood vessel disease in the U.S. is
tobacco use. Tobacco use is also linked to cancer, emphysema, and stroke. The use
of tobacco can cause poor circulation, increase risk during surgery, and prolong the
healing process.
(2)  Smoking also affects the health of nonsmokers (second-hand smoke).
Living in a smoking environment is linked to lung cancer, asthma attacks, low birth
weight, and preterm births. Children exposed to cigarette smoke have more middle ear
and respiratory infections.
(3)  Some people think that using smokeless tobacco products is safer than
smoking. Actually, smokeless tobacco of all types (chew, snuff, bandits) leads to the
development of heart disease, various cancers, gum recession, and bone loss around
the teeth. Cancers of the mouth and throat are particularly deforming and deadly.
b. Effects on Performance. A soldier's performance, health, and readiness are
affected by tobacco use. Tobacco use:
(1)  Increases number of sick call visits, especially for respiratory infections,
including pneumonia.
Decreases readiness.
Decreases night vision.
Decreases hand-eye coordination.
Decreases stamina.
Increases cold weather injuries.
Increases overall number of injuries.
Leads to addiction.


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