Quantcast Spot Reports

Technical Document Report (TECHDOC).  Two of these reports are discussed in the following
paragraphs. The others are used by technical intelligence personnel.
a. Spot Reports.
This oral or written report is prepared by the acquiring units or intermediate command echelons to
report rapidly, by electrical or other means, the acquisition of foreign materiel and technical documents.
Such reports are forwarded through intelligence channels to the technical intelligence company. Corps
may use this report as a basis for the dispatch of technical intelligence collection teams, if none are in
the acquisition area. The basic items of this report should include as a minimum:
Who is reporting (unit) ?
What is being reported?
Where and when (coordinates) ?
How much materiel and what condition?
Whom do you contact?
Spot reports are one-time reports used by all echelons to transmit intelligence or information of
immediate value. Since the information or intelligence may have an immediate and significant impact
on current planning and operations, the speed of transmission of the spot report is essential. The spot
report is afforded the most expeditious means of transmission consistent with requisite security. No
format is prescribed for the spot report, but it should answer the questions above.
b. Preliminary Technical Report (PRETECHREP).
This report is prepared and transmitted by the quickest possible means through intelligence channels
on all captured foreign materiel. It is prepared by corps technical intelligence collection teams or the
capturing unit. The preliminary report contains a general description of the equipment and places
emphasis on alerting tactical units to significant technical information of immediate tactical importance.
It is prepared in the format shown below:
Date found, location (map reference)
Type of and quantity of equipment
Brief description with distinguishing marks
Technical characteristics with an immediate value
Name of the commander of the capturing unit
Time and origin of the message
Tentative render safe procedure (for EOD use only)


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