Quantcast Antenna Group OE-254/GRC

The antenna RC-292 is being replaced by
antenna  group  OE-254.
Antenna  group  OE-254/GRC  (Fig  23)  is  an
omnidirectional, biconical antenna designed for broad hand operation without
field adjustment in the frequency range from 30 to 88 MHz.  The OE-254 can
be used with all of the low- and medium-power field artillery radios.  The
sectionalized mast raises the antenna 10.3 meters (33'8") above the ground.
With the antenna mounted, the overall height exceeds 12 meters.  The antenna
is connected to the radio by an 80 foot (24 meter) coaxial cable.
entire antenna group weighs about 44 pounds, is readily transportable, and
can be erected by two trained personnel in 15 minutes.
Figure 23.
Antenna group OE-254/GRC.


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