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Army Intelligence Manuals, History of the Warrant Officer, Army Chemical School, Administrative Problems, Self Aidbuddy Aid, Wheeled Vehicles, Antenna Systems, Operation of Radio Set, Radio Wave Propagation, Chaplain Support Activities Basic, Law of War, Electronic Warfare, Visual Aircraft Recognition, Operational Concepts, Battle Analysis

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Army Intelligence

IS01038-History of the Warrant Officer

is0342b-US Army Chemical School NBC Intelligence

is0345-US Army Chemical School Operations In An NBC Environment

IS0871-Administrative Problems


IS0902-Introduction to Wheeled Vehicles

is11325-Antenna Systems

is1133a-Operation of Radio Set ANPRC-77SOJT

IS1143-Radio Wave Propagation and Antennas

is11437-Radio Wave Propagation and Antennas

IS1600-Chaplain Support Activities Basic

IS1703-US Army School Methods of Instructions - Effective Speaking

IS1805-A-Introduction to the Law of War

IS3004B-US Army Intelligence Center and School Ground Surveillance Assets

Is3007d-US Army Intelligence Center Electronic Warfare

IS4400-Visual Aircraft Recognition

IS4401-Small Arms Defense Against Air Attack

Is70007-Operational Concepts

Is7003a-Army Organization and Equipment

is7033a-Battle Analysis

is8710b-Planning Training

IT0301-Basic Communications Information

IT0302-Introduction to Radio Direction Finding

IT0332-Powers of Ten and Conversion of Electrical Units

IT0334-DC Series Circuits

IT0335-Introduction to Cells and Batteries

IT0338-Introduction to Logical Troubleshooting

IT0339-Digital Numbering System

it0339b-Digital Numbering System

IT0340A-Conductors, Resistors, Insulators and Color Codes

IT0341-Atomic Structure

IT0342B-Basic Operations of Boolean Algebra

IT0343-Basic Concepts of Boolean Algebra Conversions

IT0344-Basic Laws of Boolean Algebra

IT0345-Boolean Simplification Veitch Diagrams

IT0346-Boolean Application

IT0348-Work,Power, and Energy Electrical

IT0350-A.C. Theory-relatd Methematics and the Generation of a Sine Wave

it0350a-A.C. Theory-Related Methematics and the Generation of a Sine Wave



IT0462-Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield

IT0550-Introduction to the Intelligence Analyst

IT0649-Detect Camouflage and Analyze Defensive Measures on Aerial Imagery

IT0654-US Army Intelligence Center and School Infrared Imagery

IT0660-Analyze Military Activities and Installations on Aerial Imagery

IT0672-Analyze Industries in General and Extraction Industries on Aerial Imagery

IT0673-Analyze Processing Industries on Aerial Imagery







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